Friday, October 31, 2014

The Dancer and the Lawman

Well Suzie was a dancer
She was always on the run
Her old man was a gangster
They said he bombed the cop shop just for fun
The Lawman said he'd help her
But Suzie’s gangster man was done
Nine months later she was in rehab
And Suzie gave birth to The Lawman's son

And the Sudbury fuzz denied it
But the other girls all saw the lad
when that cop would visit Suzie
And they'd shut down the soo rehab

The crown attorney glared across the courtroom
Where the gangster sat shackled in the prisoner box
 I'm gonna see that you get life boy, so get used to them chains and locks."
The gangster laughed and winked at the man
You're a funny guy for a prick
 but you'll never get my life
I wasn't anywhere near the station that night
I was at your house 
Banging your wife."

A few weeks later 'round the courthouse
Mistrial was the talk
The crowns case was on the ropes
And the Gangster he might walk
The Lawman said he wasn't worried
But he really was the nervous one
He locked his windows tightly
and he slept beside his gun

It was a friday afternoon
when the gangster was set free
Whoever bombed the cop shop would remain a mystery
And down at the Coulson Tavern
The rounders bought the drinks
They talked of vengeance on the lawman
and what Suzie did fucking stinks

"Listen boys
I'm tired of jail

 I'm tired of cops 

Tired of this bullshit life
If I had made some different choices
Suzie mighta been my wife
I will always love that girl
She's the sweetest human being
And if any one of you fucks
lay a hand on her
I swear to Christ, man
you'll answer to me"

The Lawman took Suzie to Quebec
For a romantic get away
He noticed that she seemed jumpy
And on the last night of their stay
Suzie said she was steppin out
To have smoke real quick
But she hit the streets of La Belle Province
Looking to pull a trick

And after a few hours the lawman knew
he lost Suzie the street
And when that airplane left the tarmac
For the rest of that return flight
The lawman hung his weary head
 and he stared at Suzie's empty seat


  1. I am a CO at the Sudbury Bucket. I am a person that bores easily, however, the stories you concoct about the work place I spend, by economical necessity almost a third of my life, amuse me.........and that is indeed a rare thing.

    Thank you,

    Project Mayhem

    1. Thanks for the feedback. During my time spent there I realized that C.O's like you are doing life on the inside as well....albeit on the installment plan. It's a rough go for everybody.
      Cheers and thanks again

  2. Ironic that your former CO enjoys reading your stories. They're quite good and always amusing. - Ruth Z Deming of Willow Grove, PA, a suburb of Philadelphia.